Six Major Companies That Offer High Speed Services That Is Powered by Fiber Optics

Six Major Companies That Offer High Speed Services That Is Powered by Fiber Optics

Introduction of the Fiber Optic Product

Fiber-optic Internet service is the latest in technological advances to enhance the performance of speed of information and research requirements. The demand for the product of fiber optic internet service has changed the complexities of competitiveness in the open market for consumer purchases. Web efficiency of web programs has changed the very way information is channeled.

Providers of high-speed internet services are listed as T-Mobile, Star Band by Space Net, Sprint, Hughes, Verizon, American Telegraph & Telephone, and Metro PCS. There are more companies than these. All of the companies are competing for the consumer market.

Six Major Fiber Optic Companies that Have Enhanced the Speed and Reliability

Verizon Company has considered itself to be one of the first companies to provide fiber optic speed internet service to the public. It is always offering new promotions to sell the usage of the fiber optic product for its internet service.

American Telegraph & Telephone is another very large company that is offering 100 percent internet service to many towns in this country. The American Telegraph & Telephone Company is notifying consumers when they can install the Giga Power fiber optics in their towns. The three services of telephone, internet, and television can be provided with the fiber optics.

A third company that is offering fiber optics to consumers is the Comcast Cable Company. The Comcast Cable Company provides fiber optic network and internet services. Comcast can claim to be the first company that offered to the public the largest 40G fiber optic ether net in the country. The company claims that their fiber optics delivers high speed and reliability internet services.

A fourth major company that offers fiber optic service is Google. Google is known for its fiber expansion program. Google advertises on television ads for the competitive edge in the market. Google Company boasts the delivery of a super fast speed with fiber optic lines and technology.

A fifth company that competes to sell its products that are run on the fiber optic wire service is the Century Link Company. The company claims that in the near future it plans to obtain customers by claiming that it as a company can compete with the cable company. The company plans to offer to the public a product that is broader and delivers fiber optic gigabit technologies of speed.

A sixth company that offers high speed fiber optic service to the public is the Time Warner Cable Company. The company claims that it offers fiber optics and that the speed of the delivery of its product is at gigabit speeds.